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How To Consign, Turning your Cluttered Closets into Cash, by Kate Holmes of
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Prepare your items for consignment or resale to make more money 

Make your consignment fresh as a daisy to turn your cluttered closets into cashNow that you've cleaned out your clutter, here's how to turn it into cash! Once you've decided which type of resale outlet to use, it's time to assure that your gently-used goods get the love they need from another family! 

Making your items look their best gives you a boost in resale value. Why? The better it looks, the better it sells. Here's how making your things shine can mean more success:

  • Freshly-cleaned and groomed items will appeal to the shopkeeper, which means they will be more likely to be accepted for sale in the shop. Remember, the shopkeeper will not accept items that she or he doesn't believe will sell. If it's not immaculate, that's a big strike against it, no matter how desirable it might otherwise be.

  • The shopkeeper knows that things that look good sell for a good price.  So the value of a cared-for object will reflect the extra effort you put into it.

  • When your items look good, they will get prime placement in the shop. It's only natural: the cleanest, prettiest, most polished merchandise will be placed in displays, be shown more readily to browsers, and be highlighted.

  • Shoppers gravitate to clean and polished goods and they bypass dust, grime, tarnish and fading. Make sure your items are attractive and worth a second look!


  • A few minutes with an iron or a bit of cleaner will make your things much more appealing to the buyer. Make sure it's ready to sell

  • Are all the buttons secure? Fasteners in working order? Seams still sturdy? 

  • Use a good light to examine for stains, discoloration, or fading. 

  • Check that everything's there. Forgetting a crucial accessory will decrease the value. 

  • Transport your items in luxury. Garments on hangers won't be mussed when they arrive. Breakables and delicate items should be wrapped to prevent transit and handling damage. 

  • Help the shop process you quickly by grouping sets together.

  • Presentation is key. The shopkeeper, in a sense, is a shopper of your goods, too. Musty, messy, dusty items will be passed over.

  • Let the shopkeeper be the judge. They have had experience in what will sell. It may sometimes seem that one of your items may be over-priced and another under-priced, but the shopkeeper knows her customers... which means more money for you!

  • Now sit back and relax while the shop ensures that your no-longer-wanteds find a new, loving home!

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